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Hardy products have come a long way since 1872, but what has always been vital to the Hardy brand is the focus and passion for the development of new, exciting and innovative equipment. All designed to give the angler the ultimate in performance and pleasure.
At Hardy we have assembled an extremely talented and experienced new product development team over the years, all of whom provide a unique contribution to both the design and manufacture of Hardy fishing tackle. Hardy also continues to make significant investments in advanced technology at our Alnwick headquarters, the spiritual home of fly fishing.

We are world-leaders in computer aided rod design, and have introduced new endurance and life performance testing equipment, all of which greatly assist our development team in pursuit of the finest fishing equipment money can buy. With our intimate knowledge of materials technology and partnerships with some of the most sophisticated aeronautical and advanced composite suppliers in the business, Hardy continues to be the angler’s product of choice.
Whether your preference is for a performance rod or reel or something more classically designed and built, we are confident you will find it this year’s range full of products which you’d like to add to your collection.

Fly Rods

Artisan Single Hand

Artisan Double Hand


Zenith Single Hand

Zenith Double Hand

Zenith Single Hand one piece

Marksman 2, Single Hand

Marksman 2 S Double Hand

Marksman 2 T Double Hand

Classic Lightweight

Glass Rods

Fly Reels

Fortuna X

Angel 2



Ultralite Disc Drag

Ultralite Click Check

Ultralite CLS


Bougle MkVII

Cascapedia Mk III

Perfect Trout Reels

Perfect Salmon Reels

Taupo Perfect


St George Salmon

St Gorge Trout Reels

ALightweight Reels


    Marksman Classic Nets                                                                                   Marksman Catch and Release Nets

Leather Double Fly Patch - Leather Fly Dryer -  Leather Gink Holder

Birchwood Priest - Scissor Pliers - Short - Scissor Pliers - Long

Line Snips - Combo Toll - Arched Scissors

5' Forceps - Grip 'n' Snip - Stainless Twin Retractor

Retractor Stainless - Reel Case - Neoprene Reel Pouch